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From “The 9492 TIE Fighter is an upcoming Classic Star Wars set. It contains redesigned TIE Fighter Pilot and Death Star Trooper minifigures, along with an Imperial Officer and an all-new R5-J2.”

The model looks good with nice detail, cant wait for this set to come out.


UCS Sandcrawler MOC

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Lego
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An impressive and massive build,  Marshal Banana spent 9 month on this Sandcrawler MOC. Weighting 20kg with part count of over 10,000 pieces, it has a fully detail interior and equip with motorize function for driving and opening of main ramp.

Eurobricks forum

Head over to his flicker page for more photos

Saw this short clip of Lego star wars depicting the prequel, funny and entertaining.